Sunday, 14 January 2007

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I originally made this post friends-only because I wasn't ready to give this full information to the big wide world, because I wanted to cash in for a while first.

But, I have to say that Cake Poker has the best games on the Internet I have seen since the old limit days on Pacific Poker back in 2002-2004.

There are people bluffing off their stack into complicated boards against fields for four. There are people being whipsawed holding QTo, getting a quarter of their (full) stack in before the flop against two obvious big pairs, and then stacking off when they hit a top pair with T to two people.

Just as I was writing this have some woman call me to the river on 44973 when I held TT and she had 59. The stories go on and on, and this is 1/2!

It's been years since I've seen games this good on the Internet. This is the kind of action you can normally only find at a casino. I've got four tables of this going, though!

Of course, the software is crap. Of course, Poker Tracker isn't supported. But you don't need it. And it's not just the lower limits, either. I sweated the bigger games (up to 5/10 NL) and there is amazing action. Not as good as the lower limits of course, but I'd call the 5/10 tables tables on Cake Poker good if they were 1/2 tables on other sites!

I find it somewhat amazing that these terrible sites end up getting some of the worst players. Where are they marketing to make this happen?


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