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I rarely post nor play anymore, as you all know, but I do go on a poker excursion once every few months. While I haven't been bothering to post reports or anything from them, I can't let this one pass since at a 2-3-5 $1k max NL HE table at Lucky Chances, who joins our table but a software-related professional (this is the Bay area after all) and sometimes poker pro. Not only that, but he is also an LJ-er named [ profile] dmorr and he posted about a hand that we played. I have commented.

I should also note he LJ-outed me with my real name and employment affiliation, but I guess I should stop worrying about this now that I've talked about my part-time professional poker period on Free Software related podcasts and because my Wikipedia entry at one time linked to this journal. Only a moron couldn't figure out my real name if they gave it ten minutes of

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No, I'm not talking about cash games at the Rio. I am going for prop bets on statistics regarding the 2006 WSoP .

My only standing action is that W.D. bet me nearly $200 at even money on the registrant count for the main event. I have the over on 8,000, and I think that I have way the best of it. W.D. argues that since the schedule says there are four day one's where 2,000 people play down to 800, that the registration is capped at 8,000. I don't think so; I think it's going to be tight at the end, and they're going to squeeze in an extra table or two on a few of the Day 1's.

If anyone is interested, I am willing to offer that action to others. I'm also willing to bet that Hellmuth won't get his tenth bracelet this year, although I probably wouldn't have taken that bet last night. :)

Anyway, I am generally a prop-bet nut, so I'm willing to talk odds on just about anything if people want.

BTW, total jeers to the World Series of Poker official website (which I won't link to lest I give them more Google page rank then they already have) for requiring Flash just to begin using the site. Let alone that it's tough to make Flash work on Open Source and Free Software computers, but more importantly, Flash makes the web completely inaccessible to the visually impaired. Their site was much better before the overhaul this week.


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