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I always joked that my wife is a lifetime winner at poker. She played poker once, in one of the penny-ante stud games I used to run in the 1990s in college. She played for an hour and won $0.15. She never played again. She'll surely never play again. So, she's a lifetime winner.

I was a lifetime winner, too. As became clear that this journal just plain went dead in late 2009, I basically stopped playing around 2010. I started a new (non-profit) business and it took nearly all my time. Now, we have four full-time employees, and I actually have time for poker again in my life. So, I started playing again.

As most people know, for USA players, online poker is effectively dead. I did play a bit for a while circa 2014 on the New Jersey sites (when I was still in NYC). The action wasn't bad, but the players were much better than the old days, and it's obvious that you can't beat online poker without a giant hand database, and the like. It's just not worth my time, and I was frankly always a much better live player than I was an online player.

So, meanwhile, I left NYC for Portland, OR. A few months after moving here, I discovered that poker is actually legal here, at least a form of it (which I hope to explain about more in this journal over time). Still, I was busy with my day job, which also became a night job from 2010-2016, so I just had no time to investigate.

I took the hiring of a fourth employee to have a hobby again. No, I'm not going to try to be a pro again, it's not the life I want to lead, but being a part-time pro again might be, for lack of a better analogy, in the cards.

So, I figured out where the poker clubs are here, and I've played a bit in the last few weeks. I decided that the online poker journal should go with it.


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