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I heard a rumor last night that was “confirmed” this morning: The U Club open just a few weeks, was supposedly busted on Wednesday night.

This is third incarnation of the same club. It is professional and well-run. Meanwhile, clubs run by people who have no business sense at all, like the E and L clubs, run interrupted for a year or more. We all know there is no justice in poker itself, but there's also little justice in the world of quasi-illegal poker clubs in NYC.

I am so glad to learn, now later in the day, that this was a big false alarm — there's a little justice at least. Apparently, they were closed for some non-disclosed reason. They could be on a bigger radar screen, which may mean the days are numbered, but they are up and running at the moment.

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I was supposed to go to a home game tonight, which would have been a nice change of pace. However, the organizer is a bit unreliable. I'm off to visit the two clubs still open after all this mess. Here's to hoping this isn't their last nights, respectively.

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Yes, it is as I suspected. The O Club was indeed busted. The rumor is that there was some sort of "altercation" at the place, to which the police were called, and decided to bust the club as part of the whole thing. I am somehow not surprised; since the club was not highly screened; anyone could get in there. It was the easiest one to discover and go to of all the city's clubs.

I learned too of another club, called Double Take, that was opened by the PlayStation crew for merely two weeks before again being busted. I assume that these guys are just a target that the police keep hitting.

The other clubs I know about have dropped further underground. There is one still running where I don't trust the management much (The L Club), one that struggles to get people in (The E Club), one that is pretty exclusive and well run but was mostly sharks at the table (The H Club), and one that is in a part of town I'd prefer to avoid at night (the K club). I am getting deeply frustrated by the whole situation. I wonder if it is really worth it to play poker in NYC anymore.

It's not that I don't want to confront the police about this — far from it. I don't really believe that it should be illegal and I am not really that afraid of being busted (other than the general inconvenience of it), especially given that it isn't illegal for players.

The difficulty is that one must be on top of things to play. I'm not deeply in the NYC poker scene. I know a few people who occasionally answer my emails, and that's about it. I am not deep enough in the scene to hear by osmosis that there have been busts, changes, or otherwise that the clubs I once went to are now gone.

I can only hope that the H Club has gotten better. I hope to go again this week or next, if it's still there. I was inspired again this weekend to begin reviewing clubs, but it seems somewhat pointless if they disappear so quickly. I'll keep thinking on it.

There are a number of important issues in the world today, and legalizing poker is probably not at the top of the list of urgent things needed. But, the missed tax revenue for the city and the waste of time for the police is not to be ignored here. It seems hopeless, though, given that the Atlantic City casinos would surely lobby to keep it illegal. The last thing they want is local competition.

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I was below 14th Street for a bookstore event and decided to stop by the O. Club to play for a few hours. I approached the door to see the gate over it closed, and the camera had been ripped out. Another NYC Club down.

I know the people that run it, and it is unlikely they stopped running it. There was a bust, or a robbery, or something. I've been out of the loop since late December because I've been so busy with work. People talk a lot about how it is harder to do things in NYC because there's more people struggling for limited resources. Lines are longer than elsewhere, and that sort of thing. The poker clubs are getting that way; you have to be on top of it all to know who's open and who's gone.

It doesn't need to be this way. The legality issue would change things. It seems so hopeless. Yes, there are more important political problems in the city and the country and the world than this, but, heck, make it legal and tax us to play. I hope the O. club reopens; I'll leave their name coded in case they do under the same name.


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